Saving lives with personal safety reflectors

Australian Safety Reflectors significantly increase the personal safety of your family, friends and workforce, supplying the best safety reflectors in the world.   

These personal safety reflectors save lives in suburban and city traffic at dusk and at night. Their role in preventing accidents is indisputable. Without a reflector, a driver may only see you with headlights at 30 metres away. When sporting an Australian Safety Reflector, your visibility increases up to 400 metres.

Safe and stylish, these design savvy and super effective reflectors are ideal for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and other road users. They can be worn on clothing such as jackets, shirts or pants. Reflectors can also be attached to school bags, handbags and briefcases as well as dog leads or prams. The versatile personal safety reflector suits all ages and personalities with a wide range of shapes and colours available.


There is no substitute for safety. We deliver the best products available internationally as we believe there is no substitute for the safety of your loved ones. Australian Safety Reflectors will shine significantly brighter than any cheap imitation. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Scandinavia, and certified by the European Standard EN 13356, which assures the quality of safety reflectors across Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Reflect both your personality and your values, as well as light, with a personal safety reflector. We offer our products to consumers, retailers, corporations, government bodies and non-government organisations. In the corporate world, reflectors can double as personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers and commuters and a clever brand awareness campaign. 

Reflect yourself!

Featured Products
Red Love Heart

$6.95 inc GST
Normally $7.95 inc GST

Green Gecko

$6.95 inc GST
Normally $7.95 inc GST

Yellow Slap Wrap

$8.95 inc GST
Normally $9.95 inc GST

White Snowflake

$6.95 inc GST
Normally $7.95 inc GST


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